18 August 2012

Fire Station Friday

I left my phone in California last week, so thankfully I ran into my friend Brittany when I was out taking Aurelia for our morning walk yesterday. Brittany had planned for the neighbor kids to have a tour of the fire station in our neighborhood! Daniel came home a little early from work so we could walk to the station as a family :) We live really close to the station so I think Aurelia loved finally getting to see the trucks up close without the sirens on.

Clockwise from top left: 1) A badge sticker! 2) Fireman in full gear 3) Our group. Four moms, six kids, and Daniel :) 4) Checking out the fire truck 5) Family picture inside the truck 6) Fireman getting dressed in gear

The kids all got junior firemen stickers and a red "practice fire safety" bracelet. The firemen kind of scared Aurelia until one of them gave her a bracelet, then she was won over. The kids got to see one of the firemen all dressed up in his gear and learned to run TO a fireman in a fire, not away from them. 

Bottom right: Aurelia wanted to snuggle with Daniel when the loud alarm went off signalling the other truck was coming back into the station.

The kids got their picture taken on the front of the fire truck.

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