31 August 2012

Family Prayers For a Two Year Old

Every night we say family prayers together before putting Aurelia to bed. Lately she has started having a tough time sitting still for the prayer so we decided to tweak how we pray a little bit to keep her attention :) We're trying to use short sentences, words she understands fully and to pray about things she would recognize and remember from her day :)

Rather than saying "we're thankful the sunflowers are growing so well in our yard," we'll say "we're thankful for the yellow flowers." When we pray about our adoption hopes we'll say something like "please bless birth moms to feel happy and help Aurelia to have a little brother or sister soon."

We also say we're thankful for all sorts of little things she would appreciate about the day like Dora jammies, playing with friends, going to the store, Toby, playing with the hose, etc. And ask for help in a way that she can understand we're asking God for help with something we're having difficulty with (adoption, school, etc.).

Anyway, tonight Daniel was saying our family prayer and he said, "we're thankful for hugs," and right then Aurelia JUMPED up and gave Daniel a huge hug and didn't let go until the prayer was over :) It was so sweet :) It is one of the happiest and most peace giving things to see her really understanding something we are trying to teach her. I know it is so important for us as her parents to teach her to be grateful for every little thing and to recognize the small blessings she is given every day, like hugs :)

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  1. That is the sweetest thing ever. I'm crying. love you guys.