18 August 2012

California Trip: Part 1, San Diego

 We took a road trip to San Diego last week! We spent six days on vacation and it was WONDERFUL. We have so many pictures and videos that I'm going to do two post to get it all :)

This is the route we took :)
First, we headed to San Diego for Katie's wedding.

Early morning start to our drive

We pulled off the freeway to let Toby go potty and there were COWS walking down the road! Its hard to tell in the picture but there are a couple black cows and a brown cow. Toby didn't like them and they were not a fan of Toby.

We got in to our hotel in Lake Elsinore on Friday night and headed straight over to our aunt and uncle's house for family and pool time.

Aurelia got lots of pool play time with Grandma...

And pool time with Mama too...

And when she was all tuckered out we headed back to our hotel for the night.

The next day we went to the temple for Katie's wedding! Katie and Greg married in the San Diego temple.
This picture is from here.
LDS (commonly known as "Mormon") weddings take place inside a temple. Daniel and I were married in the Seattle Temple. The wedding is in front of a very small group of family and the husband and wife are sealed together for all eternity in a short ceremony (that's why we call the actually ceremony a "sealing" instead of a wedding).

Clockwise from top left: 1) Daniel and Aurelia outside the temple after the sealing 2) On the way to the temple, 3) Jessica fixing Aurelia's hair outside the temple 4) Aurelia waiting outside with Aunties Heather and Kylie while we were inside for the sealing.

Later that night we headed to Murrietta for the reception...

Dancing with Mommy and Daddy. Aurelia collected necklaces from people around our table :)

Lots of fun with bubbles :)

Fun with other kids at the reception, hiding under a table, and hiding behind decorations with Daddy.

Clockwise from top left: 1) Aurelia was very carefully eating the frosting a tiny bit at a time 2) Katie's bouquet toss 3) bubbles outside with Grandma and Daddy 4) Aurelia and Grandma playing hide n seek

After the reception we went back to our hotel and had some family fun :) We jumped on the bed lots and Aurelia read books with Daniel. There's also a picture of my dress because I forgot to take one during the day. I loved this dress :)

So that was San Diego. We spent Friday and Saturday there and then on Sunday we drove up to Daniel's mom's house in the Sacramento area.

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