19 August 2012

California Trip: Part 2, Sacramento

On Sunday of our trip we left San Diego and drove up to Daniel's mom and step-dad's house in the Sacramento area. I love going there to visit. It's always a relaxed time :) Aurelia loved getting lots of grandma and grandpa time and Daniel was excited to have some of her cinnamon jumble cookies (they're his favorite).

Aurelia played dress-up :)

We spent a lot of time in the backyard in the pool, playing with the hose, and sitting in the hammock chairs. Toby had fun playing with Buddy the jack russell terrier, but wasn't a fan of Onyx, the giant standard poodle.


Feeding Elmo some grapes, playing with Buddy, the hose and the water dish.

We left to drive home on Wednesday, so we were gone almost a week. We thought about extending the trip a bit and going to visit people in Oregon and Washington but decided to make that trip another time. We would have driven up almost the entire West Coast! 

Daniel driving with the "video game view"

By the end of the trip we had driven 2,140 miles :)

We didn't forget to bring anything important and the only thing left in California was my cell phone.

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