02 August 2012

Andersen Reunion 2012

My side of the family has a reunion every summer. This year it was only a few hours away from us so we decided to make a day trip for the last day. It's a good thing I brought three outfits for Aurelia because between the ice cream, soda spilled all over her and falling in a mud hole, she really needed them :)

Clockwise from top left: 1) Enjoying her ice cream cone. 2) This is how she asks to have her sunglasses. 3)  Cheese grin for the camera.

Ten year old cousin Tavian asked if she would like some ice cream, then brought an ice cream cone all the way back to camp on his bike in the middle of the super hot day. He was so sweet :)

While trying to fill a water bottle Aurelia's leg slipped into a muddy hole that had opened from the kids filling water balloons. Her whole leg, all the way to her butt was stuck. When I lifted her muddy self out she kept crying "poop! poop!" Poor thing thought it was poop all over her leg :) One of the drawbacks of having a nearly potty trained little girl is that she HATES having poop on her. Adorable, and so sad :)

Aurelia and Toby, all tuckered out on the way home

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