09 July 2012

Rose of Sharon!

I've mentioned in earlier posts that I really tried to grow things in our yard this year and seemed to fail miserably. This was extra frustrating on top of the miscarriages because it seemed everything around me was dying. Today I am SUPER excited to post a picture of my first beautifully measurable success :) Our Rose of Sharon bloomed!!!

I've been wanting to plant a Rose of Sharon since last summer when I saw them all over the place. Its a really pretty hibiscus shrub that can be pruned into a tree shape (ours is a little baby so we'll leave it as a bush this summer), and its meant to grow in deserts (its native to Syria). Also, it blooms from mid-summer all the way through the fall and stays pretty when most other flowering things have stopped. I couldn't find anywhere to buy it until FINALLY with the help of a super gardening friend in our ward (seriously, her yard is amazing), I was able to get one from a nursery somewhat nearby.

Before it was planted it shriveled up and lost all its leaves, then after I planted it I think I may have over watered it for a while but now we have our first full flower! Isn't it pretty? :)

As for the rest of my gardening endeavors...

The grass is mostly green! The front and back lawns had both died, but with the encouragement of our 80 something year old neighbor I gave it another try and it came back to life :)

We have FIVE healthy, hearty sunflowers growing along our fence! Yes, that means only five of the 24 we planted survived, but I'll take it.

We tried growing a few more sunflowers for the front yard and now we've got them growing in front of the columns of our porch. Now when they reach full height they'll be in front of the columns and I think it'll look pretty cute :)

While clearing the area in front where I wanted to plant the sunflowers I noticed a strong mint smell. It turns out there has been a little mint plant out there this whole time! It had been hiding by the bushes we removed and the pile of landscaping rocks I just moved. So I made a cute little circle of pretty stones around the plant, gave it a little attention and now its doing pretty well.

When the construction workers outside broke our water line they were sweet enough to replace the line all the way as close to the house as they were comfortable going. In the process they asked if I wanted them to save this awful sticker bush and of course I told them I would LOVE it if they took it out for me. So with one big scoop they removed the whole thing :) 

We also have irises all along the fence line that I'm planning to dig up and transplant to the flowerbed in front of our porch.

I'm so excited about our yard! Its really coming along nicely and will be even better next year :)

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