16 July 2012

Goodbye Concrete

When we bought this duplex there were two "sheds" in the back (one for each unit) that were in such poor shape that our homeowners insurance said we had to tear them down. We had no problem with that because honestly I'm not sure they could really be called sheds. One of them was just under 6 feet tall on one side and sloped to maybe 3 feet on the other. The 6' side had been open but then had that wavy fiberglass type roofing material nailed to the posts to close the side. The other shed was a normal size but the inside was carpeted. Yes, carpet was put right on top of the concrete. Then, cardboard was nailed, stapled and shoved in all over the place on the walls, maybe to cover holes? These things were awful, not to mention that both of them wobbled if we pushed against them. For some reason, somehow the big shed had a pretty good roof. That thing was a little difficult to take apart.

Before it warmed up for spring we tore both sheds down. I wanted to get them down before all the spiders and creepy crawlies woke up and tried to get all over us while we worked. So, for the last few months we've been hauling the old materials away. We recycled the aluminum siding from the big shed and got $64!

The last bit to be removed was the old concrete pads. These pads didn't even cover all of the ground under the sheds. Some parts of the structures were put directly onto the dirt, which is a big no-no. So, Daniel went all "seven dwarfs" on the old concrete and used a pick ax and shovels to break them all up into manageable pieces to be hauled away.

Daniel has had a lot to do between working full time, taking classes, and making time for our family, and I haven't made it much easier by pushing him to work on our remodel as well. So, one day after the concrete was broken up I decided to surprise him and load up our truck while he was in class. I had about an hour from the time I put Aurelia to bed to when he would get home so I headed out with the baby monitor and got to work. As soon as I got out there it started POURING. Utah has been having some pretty bad wild fires and we hadn't had rain in a long time so it was welcome, I just hadn't expected it. I was committed though. I wanted to get this done so it was one less thing Daniel had to do. So much of the renovation is stuff that I don't know how to do or don't feel comfortable doing (using a bunch of power tools and all that) but I can for sure pick up a bunch of concrete and throw it in a truck.

Holding a piece of the concrete. Please excuse our old shopping cart. It was on the property when we bought it and it's been surprisingly helpful. Daniel used it to hoist 200+ lb cement blocks into the truck. Once we're done we'll recycle it.

So, when Daniel got home from class there I was, soaked, muddy, tired...and in flip flops. Of course after the "you're so awesome! You're the coolest wife ever!" the first thing I heard was something along the lines of "put some shoes on, crazy! You could have chopped your toes off if you dropped one!" But, my toes were intact, the truck was almost completely loaded and I made good progress on the concrete :)

Showing off my muddy gloves in front of a bed full of concrete I loaded. 

The concrete is now completely cleared, we need to have three stumps removed from where they had grown between the sheds, then have the new pads poured and get the brand new, normal, non-cardboard and other random materials, sheds in :)

Oh and this is the view from our front yard. We took this picture when we went inside that evening :) We both didn't like the mountains when we moved here but now we think they're pretty great :)

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