05 July 2012

Friends, Family and Fenway

Last weekend was a busy one. Daniel came home from his business trip to Boston, my friend/old roommate Hollijo and her family came to visit, and we had a big family dinner at my grandparents' house.

First, Daniel's business trip. I don't even think it should be called a business trip. Yeah, there was a big conference type thing and he was working about 12-15 hours a day BUT listen to what else he did...
  • He got to eat at a restaurant everyday paid for by the company. We are good about our budget and usually only go out to eat once a month and I love going out to eat so I was a little jealous.
  • He went to a fabulous seafood restaurant with FRESH seafood. Such a waste :) Daniel refuses to eat seafood, and I LOVE seafood. And what did my silly husband order at said fabulous seafood restaurant? A burger. A burger!
  • And lastly, where did my "baseball is soooo boring" husband go (for free) while in Boston? Fenway! Yes, my husband who thinks watching paint dry is more interesting than baseball, got to see the Red Sox play at Fenway Park. I could die. 

So basically, Daniel went on a business trip that was essentially one of my dream vacations. I was so jealous.

Seats at Fenway Park
On Sunday we got together with Ally, Hollijo and our families! Here's the story of us three. Ally (from Iowa), Hollijo (from Texas) and I lived together in the dorms freshman year. Then we lived together in an apartment sophomore/junior year until Hollijo and Kevin were married in 2007. Then, Ally and I lived together until we were both married in 2008. K, now fast forward a few years.

Ally and her family live a few blocks from us so we see them all the time, but Hollijo and her family have been living in Oregon, so we don't see them very often. They came to town and we all got together at Ally's house for dinner :) It was so cool to have us three together with our husbands and babies :) It's crazy how much our lives have changed since we met almost 7 years ago. We really missed our friend Amanda though :) She and her family live Oregon too.

Left to right mommies: Me, Ally, Hollijo
Left to right babies: Aurelia, Kendal, Lyla, Taycie

Left to right: Aurelia, Kendal, Lyla, Taycie. Aurelia is about a year older than her friends :)

Yes, Aurelia is wearing a pearl necklace in the pictures. She is such a girlie girl and tries to wear all sorts of jewelry out of the house but I have a "one necklace out of the house at a time" rule. They're not real and its a stretchy necklace so its good fun for a toddler :)

Right after Ally's we went to Sandy to have dinner with lots of family at my grandparent's house. We all ate together in their huge backyard and the kids had tons of room to run around. There was a lot of adoption talk :) My grandparents adopted all three of their kids so they have a good understanding of what we've been through up to this point. Everyone in our family is so happy and excited for us to adopt :) I am so grateful that our extended family has the experiences and feelings they do with adoption. They know the blessing it is and can't wait to welcome another child into our family and experience the excitement of adoption again.

Aurelia had a lot of fun running around with her cousins but for some reason I didn't take any pictures. I'll have to remember for next time. My grandma gave us fresh raspberries from their garden and some homemade raspberry jam to take home (yum!).

It was a fabulous weekend of friends and family.

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