07 June 2012


Something has been bugging me so I'm going to get on my soapbox for a moment. I saw this commercial a while ago and every now and then I'll remember it and get irritated. It's a commercial for the Honda CRV and part of a series about "leap lists" (the list of things you want to do before your next big leap, marriage, kids, etc.). In the commercial a woman is proposed to, everything pauses and she goes on about "but I wanted to do this, and this and blah blah blah." Here, watch it...

What bothers me is how marriage is presented. If you think you can't do all of that when you're married then you're either delusional about marriage or you're marrying the wrong person.
You can go hike the Appalachian trail with your spouse, or even do it as a girls trip like in the video.

Why on earth would you not be able to learn to play the drums after you're married?

And a short film? What husband wouldn't think it's awesome that you're making a short film?
Not only does marriage not put an end to the fun things you can do, you then get to do them WITH your spouse. I LOVE being married. I do all the same fun things but now I get to share them with my fabulous husband. Don't let this commercial fool you. Marriage is fun if you're doing it right and married to someone awesome.


  1. I hadn't seen this one, but I saw the one about having kids and it bugged me. Seemed selfish to me. But this one is just stupid. You can totally do all those things when you're married! And they'd probably be more fun. This chick's crazy.

  2. Truth. That commercial is super irritating!