15 June 2012

Daniel to the Rescue

Last Saturday morning I went to the temple by myself early in the morning and when I pulled into a parking spot I pulled a little too far forward. Our bumper got caught on the curb and when I tried to reverse I kind of popped it off a bit. I couldn't get it back on and especially not in my dress clothes so I called Daniel (no answer), sent him a picture, turned off my phone to go in the temple and hoped he would get my messages before I was done.

The picture I sent Daniel. It was like this on both sides. Not that bad I guess :)
When I left the temple I turned my phone back on and didn't have any messages from Daniel. I started to really get stressed because I needed to get home to watch Aurelia so Daniel could go to a review, and I didn't know how I was going to get the bumper back on. I called Daniel, he picked up right away and asked where I was. He and Aurelia were outside on the sidewalk to my left :) He had come while I was inside, fixed the bumper and was walking Aurelia (in her PJs) around the temple grounds :)

It was a beautiful morning, I spent time in the temple, my fantastic husband rescued me and I spent some of the morning walking the temple grounds with my family :) It was a really great day.

Playing with the fountain water

She wouldn't let me help her up the stairs :)

Pretty picture of the Provo Temple and the mountains, Aurelia and I walking to the stairs

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