19 June 2012

Construction, Safety and Sunflowers

Aurelia is LOVING all the summer construction going on and lucky for her, its now in front of our house. For the last few days she's been spending a good amount of time at the window pointing and saying "tractor! tractor!" I don't know what they're all called so we taught her they're all "tractors." She even had me open the window so she could yell to the tractors. When they drive up she waves and when they leave she says "buh bye!"

We've got some cute pictures of her at the window looking at the construction but I can't really get one without showing pretty clearly where we live. I've done more than my fair share of blog stalking (and facebook stalking, if I'm being honest). I know what can be figured out from pictures and even the most seemingly innocent details so I try to be pretty careful about the details and pictures I post on our blog, for the safety of our little family. If you do a little looking its pretty easy to figure out which city we live in but I try to not get more specific than that. That is why when I posted the pictures of our mailboxes I painted, I didn't include the addresses on the boxes and the picture after installation doesn't show the surrounding area.

Anyway, enough about my safety tangent. We planted sunflowers (again)! I had planted some during my third pregnancy (second miscarriage) and of the 10 I planted only 2 sprouted and were quickly eaten by the birds because of the seed that comes up with the plant. It was extra frustrating and emotional because of the miscarriage. So this time, as a family we planted 24 sunflowers in starter cups in the house and today about half of them were transplanted outside! I'm really hoping these ones make it. I planted them along the fence so hopefully we'll have a pretty wall of big leaves and giant sunflowers :)

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