25 May 2012

Water is Fun

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.
- Fred (Mr.) Rogers

Today was a good day :) I'm still having a good amount of cramping from this second miscarriage which is no good, but Daniel is home now from his business trip to New Jersey :)

Quick note about this miscarriage: I've received several messages from friends saying that talking about my last pregnancy loss and difficulties was helpful and comforting. Because of this I've decided to do a post for this loss as well. I've started writing it and hope to have it up sometime this weekend :) Hopefully this one helps as well :)

Like I said, Daniel was on a business trip for work. He was gone Sunday through Thursday and being the super paranoid safety minded person that I am, I told very few people so word wouldn't get around that Aurelia and I were home alone. I also got very good at booby trapping the house at night :) Daniel's work event was in Atlantic city and while there he and his associates were told by a local, "You can go to the boardwalk or stay at your hotel. Don't walk a block from either of those, no matter how many big guys you have with you...it's too dangerous." Great, right? Just the place I want my husband to be :) But, he made it home safely and all is well :)

So today Aurelia wanted to wear her winter boots, no pants and to go outside. So thats what we did. While I was watering the sunflowers I planted (still crossing my fingers they grow) Aurelia kept sticking her hand in the stream of water, getting herself sprayed in the face. Here are some pictures of her all soaked, playing with the hose, wearing no pants, and wearing snow boots in the summer, a.k.a being a toddler :)

There are a few random pictures at the end too. Two of her snuggling with her Plunko (he's an Uglydoll) and blanket while we watch a movie. The last picture is when she asked me to put all her hair clippies and bows in her hair :)

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