06 May 2012

Duck Duck

On Sundays during the spring and summer we like to go to the duck pond to feed the ducks and see all the little baby ducklings. Aurelia loves her two rubber ducks  (duck duck and ducky) so its fun that shes old enough now to get excited about seeing real ducks :)

Mommy and Aurelia feeding the ducks


Daddy, Aurelia and Toby feeding the ducks

At the top of the mini-amphitheatre

Toby was so excited to be at the duck pond. The ducks weren't as excited to see him :)

Aurelia figured out how to walk up the stairs herself using the rail!

Three boy ducks

Aurelia loved the little waterfall

Looking for the duck hiding on the other side of the little island

Aurelia LOVES garbage trucks and, by extension, all construction machinery :) During the week when we come by here she likes to watch them digging.

Looking for more "garbage trucks"

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