04 May 2012

Daniel the Daddy

This morning Aurelia climbed up on the coffee table and quickly fell head-first (of course) onto the floor. Usually when something like that happens Daniel and I will stand back and let her figure out she isn't hurt, calm herself down and continue playing. This teaches her to deal with being upset and calm herself down without needing outside comfort. It also helps teach her to be independent. This time it was a pretty hard hit though. After the thud came the shriek and Daniel and I both ran to pick her up and snuggle.

This might sound bad but something we do is race to get to Aurelia when she's really upset. When she's that upset she'll latch on to whoever picks her up and won't let the other parent touch her until she's better, so of course each of us wants to get there first. Daniel beat me to her and got the crying snuggles.

One adorable thing Aurelia does is point to whatever hurt her and try to tell us what happened. So cute :) This time though she was too upset to even do that and she kept her head down on Daniel's shoulder, crying her little heart out.

To try and distract her, Daniel sat down with her in his lap and asked if she wanted to read a book. The poor little cry face nodded her head yes. After I handed them a few different books, all met with a shriek of disapproval, I came across the Easter book Daniel's mom had given her ("Happy Easter, Mouse!"). Its one of those "If you give a mouse" books but with Easter eggs. Daniel very excitedly said, "Do you see the mouse?! Look at all those eggs! Oh my goodness!" and the tears slowed a little :) They spent the next few minutes snuggling and counting all the eggs. Daniel counted slowly with her, "oooonnnnnee, twooooooo, threeeeee" giving her time to try to say the numbers, pointing to each egg as he counted.

They stopped mid-book and Daniel let me know she was asking for milk (she signs most of what she wants). Then they sat contentedly, snuggling with a sippy of milk, reading the mouse Easter book, counting the eggs. Then after hugs and kisses for mommy and Aurelia he headed out the door to work :)

Daniel is such a great daddy :) He is so good at comforting Aurelia when she needs it, while still helping her be independent. He takes the time to read books with her and stays patient and reasonable even when we're all tired and she's having a really tough time. He pays attention when shes trying to tell him something, like with the milk, or when something hurt her. I am so glad that all our children will have such a good father to help, teach, comfort, protect and play with them. :)

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