21 May 2012

Birthday Fun

With my last miscarriage I just wanted to be alone, be sad and wait for it to be over. This time I've found I want to stay busy, stay distracted and try not to think about it. Fortunately, the first Saturday after finding out we had lost our baby was a very busy one. It was Kendal and Lyla's first birthday and their fabulous mom had a fun day planned. Here is a rundown of our day with lots of pictures :)

First we did the the March of Dimes March for Babies. Here is Aurelia, ready to go do the walk with mama, Kendal, Lyla, their mommy and daddy, grandparents and uncle!

After the March for Babies we went to a park for Kendal and Lyla's first birthday! Ally and her mom made an awesome rainbow balloon banner and Aurelia LOVED it. Lucky for her, nobody minded that she tried to pop them all. Here she is, stick in hand, walking away from the scene of the crime :)

Kendal and Lyla with their huge birthday haul! Notice Aurelia, going through the pretty packages :)

Ally's mom found this AWESOME balloon arrangement!

Friends :)

Ally, Kendal and Lyla. Cute little birthday girls! :)

Ally is so good at making cakes. Seriously, how cute is this birthday cake?

Aurelia loves her new sunglasses :) She also loves making daddy wear mama's sunglasses :)

After the birthday party we went grocery shopping, during which we forgot a wallet and didn't realize it until we were done getting everything. Daniel ran home to get his wallet and before he got back the power randomly went out and they couldn't check anyone out. We waited a little while, then headed home without any groceries. It was a weird series of events :) Here Aurelia is, all tuckered out after a long, hot day. She also had a diaper fiasco which is why she's wearing different pants :)

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