12 April 2012

TTC Can Make You Weird

You know you're very involved in trying to conceive (TTC) when you know the day of your cycle more often than the date or day of the week, and often end up having conversations like this...

Person: "What is the date today?"
Me: "Day 8."
Person: (blank stare)
Me: "uuuuumm theee....I don't know." (in my head: "well its Day 8. Yesterday I took this medication, tomorrow I inject that medication. Then Day 10, Day 11 ultrasound, then hopefully IUI...when I was figuring out what my due date would be if this cycle worked I was counting ovulation as being oonnn...)
Me: "Its the 22nd"

1 comment:

  1. I can relate to this more then I'ld like to.