04 April 2012


This is our new puppy, Toby! He is a Shorkie (Shih tzu/Yorkie) and Daniel completely surprised me with him :) Here's the story...

Daniel had been looking on the KSL classifieds for a ladder so he could do some things up on our roof (removing an old dish, fix gutter, etc.). So he told me that we were going to look at a ladder at 6:00 on Thursday. I figured Aurelia and I would go along, so when Daniel got off work we went to Home Depot to kill some time and look at ladders to compare. He was explaining all this stuff about weight capacity and different weight classes or something, and the different heights and comparing prices, and telling me the stats of the ladder we were going to see.

When we were walking up to the house I told Daniel, "There are too many numbers to remember. I trust your research, if this is a good deal and you want it, get it. I really don't care." Daniel said, "you don't want any input?" and of course its a ladder, so no, I really didn't care to have input. When the homeowner opened the door all these tiny little puppies ran out! I told Daniel, "Its a sign! The universe wants us to get a dog!" Rewind...

A lot of dog things had been happening in the last few days. We have wanted a dog from day one but there was a lot of discussion about breed, when to get one, whether to get a puppy or a dog, etc. We had (or I thought) decided that we could get a small breed, non-shedding dog once a few remodeling projects were done around our house (in about a year). Then, when we move to our forever home and have a decent yard we will get a larger breed dog. We had this conversation in detail the day before Daniel took me to see Toby. He already had it all planned.

Our neighbors dog had been barking a lot lately and Aurelia kept barking back. Daniel kept saying we were ganging up on him to get a dog.

The day we went to see Toby, Aurelia wanted to watch 101 Dalmatians.

Okay, fast forward to opening the door and the puppies flooding out, saying its a sign. So we walk in and the owner hears our little exchange and looks confused. Daniel says, "she thinks we're here to see a ladder." I thought he was teasing me and then he said, "do you want a dog?"
BAH! I was shocked! I seriously didn't have a clue we were actually going to look at puppies. Not a clue. Usually when Daniel is trying to surprise me with something I'll at least think something is going on, but not this time.

There were 3 or 4 puppies available from this couple's two dogs and the one that I wanted turned out to be the one we were there to see. He is absolutely everything we wanted. So we left to get the money. When we left their house I had a Kristen Bell sloth meltdown moment. I was trying to talk but just high pitched squeaks were coming out and I was holding my hands over my face, crying. We went back with money and came home with our new puppy!

He is already paper trained and goes on his little puppy pad.
He doesn't shed!
At night he curls up on our bed and sleeps (or pretends to) until we get up for the day and then he gets up to play.
He LOVES Aurelia. He shadows her everywhere, trotting along just behind her.
He is pretty mellow most of the time and loves to cuddle but also plays like a puppy.

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