20 April 2012


Summer is my favorite season and is finally starting to show its pretty little face. If I could have powder all the time at the many amazing resorts nearby AND have warm weather at my house then that would be my favorite, but I can't, so summer it is. Winter's only redeeming quality is that I can snowboard 15 minutes from our house, but other than that its cold and makes me wish I could hibernate. So here are some of the many things I love about summer to help get everyone in the mood and love it even more as it finally starts to show up...

Walking around barefoot (without losing feeling in your toes)
FRESH produce (I'm looking at you Subway, no excuse for lame tomatoes)
Grilling everything, all the time
You can go outside without needing to bundle up
Sitting on the grass
Bike riding
Loads of local produce
Driving with the windows down
Hiking (granted this is fun in the snow too)
Trees have leaves instead of looking like Halloween decorations or horror movie sets
4th of July
4th of July
4th of July....*sigh*
Running outside (especially without wishing there was a way to keep my nose warm without looking like a freakshow)
5K and 10K nearly every weekend for just about any cause you can think of
Outdoor volleyball
Sundresses (Sundress up!)
Getting into your car when its been sitting in the sun and it feels like a sauna
Sandals, flip flops, etc.
A good reason to get a pedicure
Baby ducks!
Fruit stands
The smell of sunscreen
Prep time to leave the house is way less
Never having to scrape the windshield
THE 2012 SUMMER OLYMPICS!!! (I've been counting down since '08)
 Green grass
 Birds chirping (not sure why I like this because I really don't like birds...)
I can do crafty painting projects outside
Warm, warm, warm all the time
More daylight = more outside time
Its warm enough and sunny enough for early morning walks

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  1. I think here in Oregon we are finally going to get a glimpse of Summer this weekend, yay! These are all the more reasons for you to come and visit us because Summer in Oregon is fabulous :)