16 April 2012

IVF Here We Come

*UPDATE* We feel very strongly that IVF is not the direction we should go. We are very happy and excited about our decision to move forward with adoption :)

Today we met with Dr. Foulk and got some disappointing news. My left ovary appears to be non-responsive and he believes my right fallopian tube may be too damaged to function. Essentially, there is something preventing us from getting pregnant from either side. I knew I was kind of broken but it was shocking to hear an expert say that our chances are so poor. I'm still trying to process it...

Regarding the right tube, Dr. Foulk said the endometriosis could be causing inflammation, scarring or possibly causing the villi to not work properly. Even though the dye could pass through my tubes during surgery in November, Dr. Foulk says that doesn't mean that they are working properly. I had only been thinking of the fallopian tubes as a passageway, not a functioning part of the process, so I was shocked to get this news.

Dr. Foulk explained that normally ovaries will alternate ovulation each cycle. Ideally I would ovulate from the left one cycle and then the left would take a break and the right one would ovulate next cycle, but that isn't what has been happening. My right ovary has been carrying the entire load every cycle and the left isn't responding.

So now our next step, if we choose to continue with treatments, is to move on to IVF. We can keep trying using the IUIs and throwing over $1000 in each cycle with limited chances, unpleasant side effects, and lower chance of success, or move on, pay about $10,000 and have about a 70% chance of success and never have to go through all of this again (hopefully). A benefit of IVF is that in the future when we want to get pregnant we will be able to go in for an embryo transfer rather than trying over and over again with injections, medications and all that...I think. Dr. Foulk said my understanding of that was basically correct so there might be a little more involved. There are however, many down sides.

I am so incredibly grateful for Dr. Foulk and the Utah Fertility Center. Dr. Foulk is so patient and thorough and has a comforting way of helping us understand a difficult situation. Daniel also appreciates his pragmatism. He is good about helping us have aggressive treatment without going far beyond what needs to be done. I'm impressed by his ability to be blunt in explaining the situation but still convey it in a way that doesn't make me feel like I've just been punched in the heart (or ovaries).

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  1. I'll keep you guys in my prayers. I'm sorry this is such a pain for you. And so expensive! But good luck! If you're able to have another little baby, I'm sure it will all be worth it. Love you!