15 April 2012


In preparation for the upcoming cycle I went ahead and ordered what have become our standard medications so that I can stay stocked and ready. I'm so familiar with ordering my injections and whatnot that I can now maneuver the numeric phone menu without having to listen to the recordings. For some reason it irritates me that I'm familiar enough to do that...

Anyway, the girl filling my order said, "The price of some of your medications has gone up."

"K, by how much?" I asked, but while she was looking for the individual price increases I thought to myself "why did I even ask? It doesn't matter. What would I do, not pay it? The choice is either pay the money for medications or don't have a baby." This adds an extra bit of helplessness to the entire situation, the idea of 'really you could tell me anything and we'll pay it.' I didn't even know the exact prices of my medications, syringes and all that. They ended up only going up by a total of about $15 (thank goodness).

This is how the prices came out. These are for just the basics to keep us stocked and ready, before we even reconvene with Dr. Foulk to discuss more aggressive treatment.

1 Novarel injection (hCG) = $80
1 Bravelle injection = $60
25ct 100mg Progesterone = $55

Syringes, needles and other materials brought the total to $205.53, really not bad. Imagine the cost of just the medications for IVF...sheesh. This will be money down the toilet if the next round of treatments fail, but every penny well worth it if its successful.

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