09 April 2012


Maybe we're the only ones who think its funny, but here is some of the amusing dialogue between Daniel and I recently.

Late at night while getting into bed, sleeping baby in the next room...

Me: (yelling, while in the Haka stance) "Ka mate Ka mate! Ka ora Ka ora! Ka mate Ka mate! Ka ora Ka ora!"
Daniel: (in a whisper) "Shhh! Be quiet, crazy! Babys sleepin!"
Me: "Honey, its the Haka! Its not meant to be whispered."

Having a new puppy has made us a little weird...

Me: "Why do you make dog calling noises to get my attention?"
Daniel: "The same reason you pet my head when you walk over to me."

And courtesy of our latest round of fertility treatments...

Me: (out of nowhere and very matter of factly) "I am so mad at you right now."
Daniel: "Why?"
Me: "I have no idea, but I'm furious. I want to yell at you and punch you in the face."
Daniel: (stares at me)

And my favorite recent conversation...

Daniel: "Blah, blah, blah, I'm going to buy a ladder from the classifieds. Blah, blah, weight limits, ladder heights, pricing, blah."
Me: "I really don't care. I trust your research so if you want it, get it."
Puppies: "Bark! Bark!"
Me: "See Love, we need a dog!"
Dog Lady: (Confused look)
Daniel: (to dog lady) "she thinks we're here to see a ladder." (to me) "Do you want a dog?"
Me: (Kristen Bell style meltdown)

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