14 April 2012


Each of us had some little accomplishments today, so I thought I'd share :)

Aurelia said "Star Trek." Daniel and I have been watching it on Netflix, so when he said, "Aurelia, do you want to watch Star Trek?" she parroted back, "Star Trek?" We're turning her into a little geek. :) She also said 'yes' for the first time. Not 'yep' or 'uh huh' but 'yes' with the 's' and everything :)

Aurelia also started saying prayers on her own! Every night before she goes to bed we read scriptures together and then say family prayers. When we knelt down for prayers she closed her eyes and started babbling :) It was so cute! She didn't say anything discernible but it was so sweet :)

Daniel did itemized deductions on our taxes for the first time, and is submitting them on April 14th...at the very last minute :) He also saved us $10 on filing because he called H&R Block and smooth talked a woman named Nikita. Its ridiculous hearing his 'talking to call center people' talk. Both of us have worked in call centers which makes it all the more embarrassing amusing.

Daniel also took care of and played with Aurelia pretty much all day while I went to the gym, took a nap (during A's nap time) and got a 60 minute massage. He is so great :)

I finally learned how to do mostly real samba like a Brazilian! (Okay, lets be honest, I came up with the thought of doing this blog post because Daniel wasn't nearly excited enough that I figured it out). I learned samba in ballroom dance at BYU, but real samba is very different and was really awkward for me to pick up. I watched tons of YouTube videos of how-tos and random people dancing it (laugh all you want), and have been trying for probably two months to figure it out (no really, I'm ridiculous)and it finally clicked while I was dancing to the Rio soundtrack with Aurelia :) Now I think I finally have it...at least mostly. I wouldn't dare dance it in front of a Brazilian though :)

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  1. Toddler prayers are the BEST! Also, Samaba rolls are REALLY hard!