23 March 2012

Two Week Wait

Yesterday's ultrasound showed one mature follicle (20mm) so we came home yesterday and I did the hCG injection. It worked out better this time. The process is pinch the skin, stab the needle in, let the skin go, inject the meds. It took a little time to get used to stabbing myself in the stomach with a needle but I think I have it down now.

Anyway, the hCG is supposed to be injected exactly 24 hours before the IUI so this afternoon we did the IUI and now we have the two week wait. In a cycle with no hCG injection you can take a test sooner than 2 weeks (thats why you see tests advertising "6 days before missed period") but when you do the injection it will cause a false positive if taken before it is completely out of your system, which sucks and happened with our first IUI. SO, we have to wait until April 6th to find out if this latest round of treatment was successful.

Two weeks is a long time to do nothing but wait to know if I'm pregnant. Im not feeling very optimistic anymore. It was disappointing that the Bravelle didn't cause a second follicle to mature like they had hoped. Dr. Foulk did our IUI and told me that losing my optimism is a coping mechanism and that its perfectly normal and probably best. This way if its negative it will be less heartbreaking and if its positive then its even better. He also said that if this cycle is unsuccessful then we'll meet with him again to reevaluate our treatments and probably increase stimulation. Tomorrow I start taking Progesterone which is supposed to help with implantation and helping me not have another miscarriage.

Here is an amusing bit about the "two week wait" from one of my favorite blogs...

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