22 March 2012


One of the mean things fertility medications can do is mimic pregnancy symptoms. This is especially cruel to people taking the meds because you want so badly to be pregnant and are already hyper-aware of anything that could possibly be a sign of pregnancy. Then you sit there taking inventory of all the crazy "I must be pregnant" symptoms (whether real or imagined) only to find you still aren't pregnant. It was a fake out by your fertility meds.

So here I sit, nauseated, bloated, cramping, achy boobs but knowing full well that on day 11 there is no possible way I am pregnant. And of course the side effects of the meds will continue through my cycle, giving me false hope of being pregnant, and I will google every single thing that happens to my body whether normal or not to see if it is a pregnancy symptom and then cross reference with all the side effects of all the fertility medications hoping something wont fall into both categories.

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