21 March 2012

At the Risk of Sounding Like a Bitter Infertile...

This is a blog post I wrote on 14 Dec 2011 and didn't post. I figured it was a little too cynical and might make some fertile friends uncomfortable :) The day I wrote this I had been made aware of 3 pregnancies and had learned of two others the day before. This was just with friends, not even counting random people on facebook. Since I want this new blog to be about talking openly about dealing with endometriosis and infertility I figure I'll share. Enjoy...

Apparently word went around that today is 'have Jessica find out we're pregnant' day. Does anyone else have an 'end of first trimester' announcement they'd like to let me in on? Don't worry, me and my despondent, empty uterus will keep it to ourselves.

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