25 March 2012

Butterflies Are Gross

Apparently butterflies are a popular thing to decorate a blog with. I think I need to help clear anyones confusion about where I stand on butterflies. Butterflies are disgusting. Seriously. I dont know why people like them. Thats weird. Saying you like butterflies is like saying "I like ants" or "I like spiders." Gross. Butterflies are just nasty little bugs that try to disguise themselves with fancy little wings so that you'll think they're pretty when REALLY they're little creepy crawlies that can FLY! Now, I'm not afraid of butterflies. No, they just make me scrunch up my nose and think "ugh, yuck" when I see them. Butterflies are kind of like the poop chocolate pie from 'The Help'. Looks nice. Actually made of poop.

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