23 March 2012

18 months!

Aurelia is 18 months old today!
Here are the stats...
Weight: 26.2lbs (77%)
Height: 34in (99%)
Head: 50cm (99%)

Aurelia uses lots of sign language including bread, water, milk, cheese, apple, banana, diaper, potty, please, more, sleep and her own made up sign for going outside where she pats her head. We think that last one came from having to put on her coat and hood to go outside.

She also does lots of animal sounds. A cow, owl, dog and monkey all make the same "oo, oo" noise. Lions, tigers and bears make the same growl noise, and she quacks for ducks.

Aurelia is VERY girly. She likes getting her hair done. You cant tell very clearly in these pictures but her hair is in pigtails. She also likes to wear all of mommys jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, even earrings). She also prefers wearing dresses.

She still does not like being dirty. If she gets something on her hands or feet she will drop what she is doing until she can have them cleaned.

Aurelia loves wearing shoes. She often naps in her shoes and will throw a fit if mommy or daddy try to take them off.

She loves family scripture reading time and has daddy help her get the scriptures off the mantle and even takes her turn "reading"

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